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Shelborne Development Restructures for Growth, Adding Shannon Morgan as Chief Development Officer

DETROIT, MI - March 26, 2018 - Shannon Morgan will join Shelborne Development partners Kathy Makino-Leipsitz and Jill Ferrari to lead predevelopment, financing, and development activities for the company’s various mixed-use real estate projects located throughout Michigan.

Morgan most recently served as Senior Vice President for Home Renewal Systems, where she worked directly with Detroit real estate mogul, Bernie Glieberman, to create and establish Home Renewal Systems, LLC, concentrating on the implementation of HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program throughout Southeast Michigan and Ohio. In this role, she managed federally funded projects in 18 different municipalities, as well as various other housing projects, ranging from affordable housing, trust disposition, land banking, and historic preservation to mixed-use and production housing developments.

“Shannon’s vision, passion, and extensive experience brings new depth and strength to our team and positions Shelborne Development to become the largest female-owned and managed real estate development firm in Michigan. We are thrilled that Shannon chose to make this move at this important stage of her career” said Makino-Leipsitz.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to work alongside such talented and experienced women,” commented Morgan. “At the same time, I’m pursuing my passion and vision for the future by transforming the built environment and redeveloping neighborhoods into spaces everyone can call home.”

To support growth and expansion, the company has also restructured its leadership. Founder Kathy Makino-Leipsitz will act as President and Jill Ferrari will step into the role of Chief Executive Officer. As it restructures, Shelborne Development and its related construction company, Motor City Building Company, will launch new websites and social media campaigns in April.

The women have also formed a new entity to focus on affordable housing projects in distressed areas. This entity will pursue Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects primarily in Michigan.

About Shelborne Development

Shelborne Development Corporation is a mission-driven organization committed to inclusive neighborhood revitalization that is comprised of strong economic development programming, rehabilitation of historic assets, and quality affordable housing. We prioritize projects that connect with the community and promote the mission of developing and operating high quality housing and neighborhood commercial space. We foster a vitality that extends beyond the physical improvement into the very heart and soul of the community’s residents through our commitment to workforce development programs, local safety initiatives, and neighborhood beautification projects.


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