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Our Newest Development Coming to Ecorse:

MEDC releases Revitalization and Placemaking Awards RAP 2.0- We are ecstatic upon receiving the news that our mixed use project " The Monarch" received a $5 million award to create a combination of senior affordable housing along with commercial/retail space to bring life back to an area directly on the West Jefferson Corridor which has sat vacant and underutilized for decades. With the restructuring of heavy industry, the City of Ecorse, like many industrial inner-ring suburbs, had fallen into economic decline. Since 1970 Ecorse has lost over 45% of its population, building 64 senior apartments along with first floor commercial and retail space will begin an exciting opportunity to bring life back to the corridor and create a catalyst for continued revitalization of this important downriver community. As the name suggests "The Monarch" will contribute to the positive change, transformation, and beauty of City of Ecorse. The amount of local support received for this project is overwhelming. The constant support of Mayor Tidwell along with the City of Ecorse during "The Monarchs" multi-year planning phase has brought The Monarch to fruition. The support has not stopped there though -- we also received encouragement and support from Congressman Shri Thanedar, State Representative Joe Tate, State Senator Erica Geiss, District 4 Commissioner Cara Clement, and the Downriver Community Conference. With all of the support and the commitment for MEDC's RAP 2.0 funding we are excited to move forward with this project and provide 64 beautiful new homes and commercial space that the entire community, can be proud of. Our sincerest thank you to MEDC and to all of our supporters for helping the development team move this exciting project forward.” MEDC


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